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Byte Me Repairs’ cell phone repair services help individuals overcome mobile device challenges by resolving issues so that their phone or tablet feels and operates like new and they can stay connected to family, friends and colleagues.

Byte Me Repairs cell phone repair

Mobile device repair

If you’re in need of an iPhone repair, including screen replacement or battery replacement, Byte Me Repairs can fix it! Our trained technicians are experienced in repairing iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy phone and Samsung Galaxy tablet devices. Mobile device repair services include water damage diagnostic, button replacement, carrier unlock, camera replacements, speaker replacement and charging port repair. We also offer private consultations on device setup and buy sell trade options.

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Computer repair

PC repair for Mac and Windows computers including malware removal, data recovery, virus removal and e-waste

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Cell phone repair

iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy phone and Samsung Galaxy tablet mobile devices that feel and operate like new

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Game console repair

Xbox and Playstation gaming consoles that no longer have hard drive, disk drive or power supply issues

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Prepaid nationwide and international talk, text and data plans that allow you to stay connected at home and across the globe

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Cell phone accessories

Name brand, quality accessories that protect and enhance the experience of using your cell phone and tablet

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Tech Workshops

Hands-on sessions that provide training to non-techies on how to use their device(s) - computer, cell phone, tablets, etc.

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Broken screen and need a smartphone repair?

Byte Me Repairs is committed to extending the life of your device in the most convenient way possible.

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Byte Me Repairs customer reviews from

Groupon, Yelp and Google+

Excellent service. This is the second time I had my screen repaired at Byte Me Repairs. Both times, I have been 100% happy with the outcome. They are professional, polite and provide great service. I was in and out with my repaired screen within 30 minutes.

They were so nice and fixed my phone very quickly. This is my new go-to for my screen repairs.

They replaced the broken screen on my iPhone 5 and it's perfect and pretty now. Thank you. The screen is pristine, clear and looks new. Their customer service is very nice and they make suggestions, but not pushy at all. Byte Me Repairs, you rock!